Mentors for international students – apply now!

If you have seen our recent blog posts about having a career mentor through our Manchester Gold programme, you may be wondering if there are any mentors appropriate for international students. Absolutely, yes! International mentees from China

Our Manchester Gold programme is open to all our students ( home and international ) but we also have around 100 mentors based overseas around the globe – usually our international alumni – who can be invaluable if you are looking to return home or explore working in another country after graduation.

Here are a sample of some of the international mentors who are based in key countries ( where many of our international studenets come from). You can find the full listing of mentors, their roles and employers and how to apply on the Mentoring webpages – 

But be quick – you need to apply by October 18th (one week to go!)

A sample of international mentors:

CapitalVue Finance and Management Consultancy
Continental Automotive Holding Co., Ltd. Information Technology
CONVOY FINANCIAL HONGKONG GROUP Finance and Management Consultancy
Dacheng Law Offices Legal Services
East China Normal University Education
EIC Nanjing Education
Guangzhou Hongli opto-eletronic co.
Jiangxi Copper Corpration Finance and Management Consultancy
Nankai University Education
New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE:EDU) Education
Novo Nordisk Science and Pharmaceuticals
Shandong High People’s Court Legal Services
Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Charities and Not-for-profit
Sino_Britiah College Shanghai Education
Apollo Hospitals Health and Social Care
Nath Valley School Education
Rothschild Finance and Management Consultancy
S.A. Engineering College (Affi. Anna University) Education
SSSS Degree College, Andhra University Education
COMSATS Education
Firhaj Footwear Engineering and Manufacturing
N.E.D University Education
Total Energy and Utilities
Unilever HR and Recruitment
YUNUS TEXTILE MILLS PVT LTD Engineering and Manufacturing
Accenture Information Technology
Accenture Information Technology
Enoive Inc. Information Technology
Dell Information Technology
HP Information Technology
workflowww International Limited Information Technology
Hong Kong
Manchester Business School World East Asia Education
UK Trade and Investment Civil Service, Public Administration and Government
Chevron Nigeria LTD Engineering and Manufacturing
HL Solicitors Legal Services


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