Looking for a “Global Career”?

globeIf you’re looking for a career which will take you around the world, or even just looking for the chance to experience living overseas for a few months, early in your career, you could consider one of a small, but growing, group of “global graduate programmes”. There aren’t very many, so they’ll be highly competitive – but you might be just what they’re looking for.

Do you have a “global mindset”?
“Global mindset” is the latest buzz phrase which major employers are talking about – an understanding of how organisations need to operate in a global environment. In a recent survey of large graduate employers (AGR), around half the employers said they were interested in this. If you’re interested in this area, Amanda, our Head of International Career Development, is running an event on Global Mindset on 29th October (places limited – see CareersLink to register)

So, how do I find these programmes?
I’ve pulled together a list of over 30 programmes – see the links below. If this is what you’re after, don’t miss out on some of these amazing opportunities.

Who can apply?

Some employers are happy for final year undergrads to apply, though they’ll be just as happy with a postgraduate degree. Some expect you to already be studying at Masters level. None of these programmes demand a PhD (although you could still apply with one) but check the web links below as some of these very internationally focused employers do also have specialist PhD entry programmes.

Some have very tight restrictions on whether they are open to applicants with experience – a few say they will only consider those with no more than one year’s experience after graduating.

How do these programmes operate?

The programmes range from:

  • those in which you would spend a significant amount of time on international placement as part of your initial training, to
  • those which are the entry points for a career which will mean being posted around the world as a regular feature of your career.

A few “NB”s …

  1. Not all are recruiting right now – look out for when they next open.
  2. In spite of their international focus, some of these programmes still include a requirement to have the right to work in the country to which you apply (without the employer having to get a work permit/visa) – check the details of each programme if this might apply to you.
  3. The headings show the main sectors in which the employers operate.
    Don’t confuse this with the type of job you might do – “Industrial sector” programmes may be for commercial roles, and “Finance/Professional Services sector” programmes may be for technology roles.

Global Graduate Programmes

 Transport / Logistics sector

 Travel / Hospitality sector

 Finance / Insurance / Professional Services sector

 Industry / Technology sector

 Consumer products / Food / Alcohol sector

All these links were active when I posted this – if you find any have changed, please do drop me a comment and I’ll update the list.

If you want a printable version, here’s a pdf.


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