Would you like a career mentor?

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Your Careers Service manages a careers mentoring programme called Manchester Gold which runs twice a year – in Autumn and in Spring.  Applications are now open for the Autumn programme to current undergraduate and postgraduate students at The University of Manchester. If you’re interested read more and get your application in quick as the deadline is 4pm on Friday 18 October 2013.  

Mentoring is a great way to speak to someone who’s working in a job or company you’re interested in and to find out what to expect once you are in the world of work. If you aren’t sure what you want to do, that’s not a problem. You can be matched with someone who did a similar degree to you, or someone who wants to help students in their career choices regardless of their degree background. Having a mentor can be a great way to find out answers to questions you’ve got about work, applications, interviews and more.

Mentoring also helps you make connections with people, especially if you don’t have any already. You can meet people who work in jobs or companies you are considering after university and you’ll be starting to build your own ‘professional network’ of contacts.  If the word ‘networking’ puts you off going to some events, having a mentor will be a great way to find out about it in terms of work and make it much easier in future.

You need to apply via CareersLink by our deadline of 4pm Friday 18 October. You can see full instructions on the Mentoring section of our website – including a list of mentors currently signed up to take part. This list will be updated on Monday 14 October so please apply even if you can’t see your chosen career or area you’re interested on the list at the moment.

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