Graduate schemes or graduate jobs?

Choices It’s that time of year, lots of recruiters on campus all doing battle for your attention and applications.  They all want the best students, and you all want the best jobs.

So what are the best options?

Graduate schemes

  • Tend to be mainly with big organisations where they are recruiting large numbers.
  • Can be anything from 1-3 years
  • May offer rotations so that you can experience several parts of the business.
  • Are often associated with the large corporate organisations although there are a few in the public sector.
  • Are well publicised as these organisations have a lot of investment in getting the right staff. You will often see them on campus and at fairs.
  • Tend to have long recruitment processes, with many stages and tests.
  • May have early closing dates, and may fill places before the closing dates

Graduate Jobs

  • Most graduates fall into this category. It’s a job where a degree is useful to have.
  • The employer may recruit a few graduates each year or just when they need one.
  • Of all the graduate vacancies we advertise 48% are with small to medium size organisations
  • The job description may be more specific, as you are likely to be recruited for a specific role.
  • You may find you get responsibility earlier, have opportunities to use your initiative and create your own training programme.
  • Can include Graduate Internships – a short term placement usually 4 months – a year.  Great for exploring a career or role and may in some cases lead to a permenant contract.
  • Recruitment tends to happen as and when they need a staff member.  The process may be shorter and simpler.
  • Jobs may be less widely advertised, and you may not have heard of the organisation so the job may not stand out to you.
  • Specualtive approaches can be appropriate.

If you are not sure what the options are for the job you want to go into why not have a chat to us!

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