New Careers location and new year ahead!

CareersneonsnipWelcome new new and returning students – hope you had a productive summer!  We have been busy too, setting up the Careers Service in a new location in University Place – The Atrium on the 1st floor.

So whats new this year?

You might spot our stand out campaign on campus.

standoutIt’s really important that you make the most of your time at University , it’s not just about attending lectures, labs and seminars!  You need to use whatever spare time you have to gain skills to help employers see how valuable you could be as a future employee. This could be voluntering, summer jobs, internships, part time jobs and society or sports involvement.  Whatever you do make it count!

If you are now in your final year it’s vital that you plan your exit strategy!

What are you going to do after university?  No clue? Thats fine, but you need to start exploring your options now so that you are not in the same position when you graduate.  There are loads of opportunities to get started but you have to take the first step.

There are jobs, and lots of them! 

The media rarely report good news its much more fun for them to depress everyone with gloomy stories of recession and lack of jobs.  It’s simply not universally true for all sectors.  YES some sectors that have been hit hard, if you are worried that vacancies for the types of work you are interested in seem scarce then talk to us and see if we can help you find them or find a plan B.

Graduate schemes are not the only fruit!

Did you know that most students don’t go on to work with big corporates on graduate schemes?  The job market is made up with far more people working for smaller employers or big employers who take on staff as and when they need them.  Graduate schemes are very visible and the recruiters are on campus and attending events all the time, why not they have hundreds of places to fill and they want good graduates to take them.  If thats not for you this is where CareersLink can really help, not only do we advertise all the graduate schemes but we also have good contacts with loads of other recruiters who are keen to employ Manachester students & graduates.  So don’t just look at the big names, when looking at jobs look at the job descriptions.

infozonesnipCareers Information zones

Just passing through – pick up supplies of careers directories and the most popular takeaway from the ground floor of University Place.

cushionsnipWant to find out about different careers and jobs, explore options for further study or just have a chat to a member of staff to help you get started?

Come to Careers on the 1st floor and check out the Library, take copies of our guides ( for CVs and applications, interviews and assessment centres and loads of different sectors and options) and chill out in our comfy seating area.

Tell us what you think about our new location.

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