Overwhelmed by career planning? It’s time to prioritise!

Career KickStartSometimes, when it comes to careers, all the information and options can feel a bit overwhelming. You might also have a lot of questions (e.g. What do I need to do to make myself employable? or ‘Should I be getting more work experience, and if so what and how?’ or ‘How do I decide on a career anyway?!!’).

If you have that nagging, toothache-like feeling at the start of the new academic year that you really should be doing something, but you’re not sure exactly where to start, why not start with just one small step.

Spend 3 minutes with Career KickStart – our interactive, online tool which will help you kick start your career plans, whether you’re a first year or finalist. You just answer 10 multiple-choice questions (on everything from your knowledge of career options to work experience to your CV), and you get a detailed PDF report with feedback on your responses and suggestions for your next steps.

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