If doing a degree was a job, what would it look like?

Candidate selection formOften when we speak to graduates they say they would treat going to University more like a job if they could have a do over!

You arrive at university for the first time, its crazy, exciting and scary and no-one is around to tell you what to do and when! (Amazing – complete freedom! Or is it?)

Your ideas of what to expect may be hazy and no one is telling you what is expected of you (beyond attending a few classes), so how do you know if you are getting it right? What is the expected outcome other than a degree?

So here it is … Your University job description

A successful candidate will have a passion for learning and a clear understanding of their goals and how to achieve them. They will not only achieve a good degree but also benefit the academic and local community during their studies through engagement with extracurricular activities and work experience.

Role description

  • Attend lectures and seminars as required by academic schools.
  • Participate in opportunities to work in groups and present to peers.
  • Engage with and help to improve your local community through volunteering where available.
  • Ensure fees are paid, top up funds using available part-time or vacation jobs and internships.
  • Improve the student experience and your own through participating in societies.
  • Gain a range of employability skills via extracurricular and work related experiences.
  • Engage with peers and academic staff to contribute to and give feedback on the academic experience.
  • Identify opportunities to explore career options.
  • Use ICT and social networking tools to own advantage.
  • Identify and promote personal brand.

Person specification

  • Enthusiastic about gaining skills and open to new experiences.
  • Inquisitive – must be prepared to seek out and research opportunities as they arise.
  • Communicative – must be willing and able to network with stakeholders at all levels, employers, academics & peers.
  • Resilient – must be prepared to learn from experiences and able to adjust behaviours and attitudes accordingly.
  • Self-starter – must be able to motivate self and others under pressure.
  • Able to work to tight deadlines and able to multitask in an ever changing environment.

Knowledge & experience

  • Good understanding of self and motivating factors.
  • Understanding of skills gained through education and extracurricular activities.
  • Thorough research in the areas of career aspiration using traditional and new media and personal connections.
  • Previous learning experiences including A-levels or equivalent, as required by individual degree or graduate programme.

So now you know some of the expectations, are you ready to meet them?

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