Pay it forward – your postgrad advice

Think back to those first few weeks of your Masters or PhD.

What do you wish you’d known then, which you know now?

Obviously, being a careers blog, anything related to careers or employability would be very relevant, but it might be just as useful to know where’s the best place to get a good cheap meal near campus, or the best place to sit in the library.

Either drop me a comment here or tweet me @ManPGCareers (what about a hashtag like #pgpayitforward ?).


If you tell me what you wish you’d known about careers, I’ll try to include it into my induction talks & resources.

And, if you’re a new postgrad, getting ready to start your programme:

  • Welcome to the University of Manchester Postgrad Careers Blog!
  • Tell us what you want to know, and we’ll try to find you an answer (or at least, point you in the right direction).

2 responses to “Pay it forward – your postgrad advice”

  1. I would like to have known at the start of my PhD about what academic employers look for when recruiting for post-doc positions.

    1. Elizabeth (Postgraduate Careers) Avatar
      Elizabeth (Postgraduate Careers)

      Thanks Robbie

      I’ll make sure I highlight our website, An Academic Career, but I’m also going to a conference workshop next week on a survey which has just been carried out on … how to get your first academic job! Very timely – I’ll blog about it here when I get back.


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