Setting up email alerts in Careerslink

I’m sure many of you are aware that Careerslink is a great place  to search for vacancies, but did you know you can get jobs sent directly to your phone or tablet by setting up email alerts?

If you want  to keep track of the latest job opportunities  wherever you are  follow these simple steps to set up email alerts.

  • Firstly log into Careerslink with your username and password (Graduates may need  to reset this, so should follow the instructions on-screen)   Once you’ve logged in you’ll be taken to your Home Page. From here choose the vacancy search tab at the top of the page .

vacancy screenshot

  • This will take you to the vacancy search screen, from here clink on ‘Advanced Search’ for a screen that looks like this.

advanced search screenshot

  • From this page you choose the types of vacancies you want to be sent via email. You can choose as few or as many search criteria. There are a few search categories I recommend you use. If you are interested in a certain sector choose the relevent category from the ‘Organisational Area’ or search for the ‘Organisation Name’ if you have a particular one in mind. If the type of job could be carried out in a range of sectors (e.g marketing/admin) search the relevent category from ‘Occupational Area’. You can also narrow down your search via location & whether the job is full-time or part-time.
  • Lets look at an example – If you were interested in looking for a full-time marketing vacancy within the media, arts and culture sector your search screen would look like this.


  • Once you’ve entered the relevent criteria and clicked ‘search’ (obviously!) you’ll get a list of vacancies.


  • Check that these are the types of vacancies you would be interested in, if they aren’t you might need to change your search criteria. If they are you are ready to set up the email alert to get further vacancies in this area sent directly to you. To do this click ’email me jobs for this search’. A box will appear asking you to create a name for this search – choose whatever you want! I’ve gone for the ronseal approach and called my search ‘full-time marketing roles’ (It does exactly what it says on the tin!).


  • Save this search and when new and updated jobs that match this are uploaded to the system they will automatically be sent to your email address! You can save as many searches as you like – just follow the same instructions above.

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