Twitter is full of ‘hidden’ jobs, but how to find them…? Enter

When you’re looking for jobs or internships, it’s sometimes hard to know where to look for the kinds of opportunities that interest you. It’s easy to just focus on the big job sites, but it’s like fishing from just one pool that everyone else is fishing from too! And if you’re looking for jobs in smaller companies, or in the media, marketing or the creative and digital industries, you might find those sorts of jobs just aren’t advertised in the normal places. But they ARE out there! It’s just that you have to look a bit harder.

There are thousands of exciting one-off internships and jobs appearing on Twitter every day, but most people would have no idea where to start looking for them. While Twitter can be a wonderful mine of information, finding that dream job ad can be like finding a needle in a particularly chaotic haystack! So some clever dude had the idea of creating a job search engine just for Twitter. It’s called

It’s dead simple. You just put your search criteria into the box, e.g. “editorial assistant” or “paralegal” and click on ‘Search’.


TwitJobSearch then helpfully lists recent tweets with jobs that meet your criteria, including which Twitter account posted the tweet and a link to that tweet on Twitter itself.

And you can refine your search by location, salary, job type (referring to permanent or contract) and even how recently the job was tweeted using the filters on the right-hand side of the page.

The nice thing is you don’t even have to have a Twitter account to make use of this. But if you do have a Twitter account, you might want to check out the TwitJobSearch directory (link at top of page), as this has lists of Twitter accounts tweeting jobs listed by sector, so you could follow these accounts yourself directly and add them to a customised Twitter list instead of using TwitJobSearch.

Like any other job search engine, it’s not perfect. For example, once you narrow down to the type of job you’re interested in and to the UK or even a city, you’ll find more limited results. But it’s another tool in your job search armoury!

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