Teacher training – all change for entry in 2014

iStock_000015878516XSmall E=mc2A number of changes are coming in both in terms of the type of training available and the application methods.

There are 4 methods

  • PGCE/PGDE (Post Graduate Certificate / Diploma in Education)
  • School Direct
  • Teach First

All of the above confer QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) but School Direct may not include the PGCE award. Some may include Masters credits.  More about all these in our newly updated Teaching Starting Point Guide.

Here’s a quick review of the changes

PGCE & School Direct – secondary & primary will all be aggregated under one application to UCAS Teacher Training

  • This application will open on 1st November 2013 – which is much later than previously.
  • In the first application (Apply 1) you choose 3 training providers; it can be a mix of PGCEs , SCITTs and School Direct.
  • These will all be assessed simultaneously (you should hear within 40 working days), so you could get interviews with all 3 or none.
  • If you are not accepted by any there will be a 2nd round of applications later in the year (Apply 2) – Applications for Apply 2 open on 1st January 2014.
  • The formal closing date for all applications will be 15th September 2014.
  • As far as we know it’s one personal statement that goes to all 3. So if you pick very diverse training providers then your application is going to be tricky to write. We will advise you on this once we know more. You should only be choosing one age group, either primary or secondary but not both.

Our advice:  

Start writing it early and be ready before the 1st Nov, so you can edit and send it off quickly.

Some School Direct collectives are offering to take applications early and they will help you through the UCAS stage. Check to see if that is the case.

You can only apply to do your QTS tests once you have registered for a training provider, with the later application date this may mean you are very busy at that time of year.  Practise early!

2 responses to “Teacher training – all change for entry in 2014”

  1. Emily Williams Avatar
    Emily Williams

    So teachfirst remains unchanged?

    1. Sarah M (Careers) Avatar
      Sarah M (Careers)

      Yes Teach First will remain a separate route.

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