Psychology Graduates

Top 5 online resources for Psychology students

To give you a helping hand as you head out into the big bad world of job seeking I thought it would be useful to list our top 5 online resources for Psychology graduates. I hope you find them useful.

Prospects ‘Options with your subject Includes a range of job profiles and information on typicHiRes Thought processal employers, work experience and a breakdown of what graduates in this area have gone on to do for a range of subjects.

Starting Point Series A range of helpful job seeking resources including help on applications, interviews and specific information on career options with a psychology degree.

Sector Pages  Really useful information and links to further resources and job sites and get an insight into different sectors. You will find information about psychology careers in the education, health & social care and sport & leisure pages.

The British Psychological Society Has a really useful careers portal with links to relevant resources, information about accredited courses as well as vacancy listings.

What can I do with my degree? Find out how you could use your psychology degree in the NHS, private sector or charitable sector.

Remember although your studies are over your contact with the Careers Service doesn’t end now. As a graduate you’ll receive full services for the next 2 years. This will include information, advice and guidance as well as access to vacancies and events listed in Careerslink. Find out more about eligibility and services here.

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