Make your local news work – Manchester event – Tues 9th July

file000792494771We’ve just come across this event in Manchester on Tues 9 July, 6-8.30pm, which will be of interest to anyone interested in local news. Full details and free registration are at Details are:

“As ever more local newspapers close and titles merge, more and more communities are left without a local media outlet, feeding a sense that local media is undergoing a slow but inevitable death. But there are examples across the British Isles, the US and elsewhere that tell a different story.”

“Co-operatives UK and Carnegie UK Trust have joined together to organise a series of meetings across the UK showcasing these alternatives. By attending these free events we hope you will be inspired and stimulated to take action to save your local media. This is your opportunity to make local media work as a sustainable business and help to protect our democracy through local accountability.”

This is a great opportunity to meet others who have an interest in local media and join the discussion about alternative ways to own and run local media (i.e. co-operatives and community ownership)

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