Get more out of Google

I thought I knew a bit about using specific searches on Google – turns out there are loads of things I’d never heard of.

So, even if you think you’re an expert, have a look at this infographic from


Click on the image to get larger, clearer version, courtesy of Brett Jordan on Flickr

And many thanks to @AJHemingway for finding this on Pinterest and posting it on Twitter.

(Phew – hope I got all my attributions right!)

2 responses to “Get more out of Google”

  1. This infographic is great; thanks for sharing.

    For anyone who wants to get even more serious about their searching skills I came across this online course from Google on how to be a “Power Searcher”: Although the course has finished all the classes (videos) are still available. It’s pretty handy; has sections on verifying information and so forth.

    1. Elizabeth (Postgrad careers) Avatar
      Elizabeth (Postgrad careers)

      Thanks for that, Rosalind – lots more to explore there (that’s one for a bit of summer research, I think!)


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