CareersLink – changing from student to graduate access

CareerLink_smUniversity of Manchester graduates can use CareersLink for 2 years after the end of their course.  If you are graduating this summer there are a couple of steps you need to take in order to maintain access.

Step 1 – Update your contact email

Your student IT account will be deactivated 31st July 2013. Change your preferred email to a non-University address in My Manchester before that happens and it will be automatically uploaded to CareersLink.

If you forget to update your contact email before 31st July, you will need to email to update your email before proceeding to step 2.

Step 2 – Reset your CareersLink password

The first time you log in to CareersLink as a graduate you will need to reset your password, by following the on-screen instructions.

When do you do this?

The University will change your status from ‘student’ to alumni’ sometime in June. Until this date you should log in to CareersLink as a student.  We cannot predict the exact date your status will change (it varies across the university).  When your student log in stops working reset your password and start using the graduate log in.

Why should you bother?

CareersLink is a system run by The University of Manchester Careers Service. It advertises hundreds of graduate jobs, including many that are not available anywhere else. It is also the place to find out about careers events. Don’t miss out!

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