MI5 Recruitment

Shhhhh…..  MI5 is currently recruiting for a number of different roles.

Roles include language specialists, intelligence analysts and more technical IT positions. Have a look at their recruitment website for a full list.top secret

MI5 safeguards the UK against threats to national security such as terrorism, espionage and cyber-attack. For this reason you will have to have the highest form of security clearance and therefore the recruitment process is a little different to the standard ‘civilian’ jobs you may also apply for. I thought it might be useful to try to explain the process and how your circumstances might affect the application process.


  • To be eligible you must meet certain residency criteria – if you do not your applications will be unsuccessful. To meet the criteria you must:

–           Be a native British Citizen

–          Be a naturalized British Citizen (have taken British Citizenship)

–          One of your  parents must be a British citizen or have substantial times to the UK

  • Candidates must normally have been resident in the UK for 9 out of the last 10 years. If you have studied abroad, spent a year living abroad with your parents or have served in HM Forces you will still be considered.
  • MI5 welcome applications from graduates from any degree discipline as long as you can show you have the right skills and qualities to fulfil the role. Obviously If you were to apply to become a language specialist having certain language skills would be essential.

Application Process

  • All jobs are advertised via the website with suitable graduate level roles being advertised throughout the year. You can apply for roles as soon as they are live on the site.
  •  Due to the sensitive nature of the work you may be carrying out you will have undergone a vetting process (known as Developed Vetting). This vetting process is designed to ensure that your character and personal circumstances are such that you can be trusted with sensitive government material.  All information provided and obtained will be confidential and held separately from your application.
  • Due to this vetting process the application procedure takes around 6 months to complete. You will therefore need to think about what you will do during this time. Perhaps an MGIP role or other opportunity advertised on Careerslink may be appropriate.  If you are considering time abroad think carefully about this – would you be willing to travel back to the UK for any recruitment activities you may be asked to take part in?
  • You may only submit one application at a time so you will need to think carefully about which role you are most interested in, and most suitable for. Read the job descriptions carefully and use the employability skills section of our website to help you think about the skills that you have already developed and how you could develop more.
  • You shouldn’t apply for the same role more than once in a 12 month period – Therefore you will need to have a ‘Plan B’. Search on Careerslink for other graduate opportunities or come in to the Careers Service for a guidance appointment to discuss your options.

For more information on the reruitment process see the Mi5 website and read this useful graduate careers guide. 

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