In Focus: The Manchester Leadership Programme

Enhance your university experience with The Manchester Leadership Programme


What is the Manchester Leadership Programme?

The Manchester Leadership Programme (MLP) is a prestigious interdisciplinary module which offers a unique combination of academic units and volunteering. There are two parts to the MLP: a Leadership in Action academic unit and accredited volunteering. Students who successfully complete both elements receive the Manchester Leadership Award. The level of award attained is based on the amount of volunteering undertaken (20 hours for a bronze award, 40 hours for a silver award and 60 hours for a gold award).

What will I learn?

Whilst on the MLP you will learn the importance of leadership that promotes social, economic and environmental sustainability. You will gain an understanding of what it means to be a leader in the 21st century, and the opportunity to hear from leaders who are influencing change in the world around you, including some of the university’s leading academics and high profile leaders from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

“The MLP course was an inspiring module. I expected a unit challenging my beliefs, broadening my views, and inspiring me to take actions, and that is what I got.” (School of Education and MLP student)


Why should I take the MLP?

The MLP allows you to take a module that enables you to enhance your university experience and give something back to the wider community. You will get the opportunity to hear from experts from a wide variety of fields, and work with students from all faculties across the university. Most importantly the MLP offers you the chance to complete accredited volunteering and take part in a wide range of exciting voluntary opportunities.

“The MLP gave me a depth of insight into leadership and a level of self-discovery that you simply can’t get from a text book” (Linguistics & MLP student)

What sort of volunteering can I take part in?

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference. As well as being fun, it can also help to give you a great sense of achievement; help you develop skills that employers look for; and make a positive impact on the wider community. The Volunteering Team organise regular volunteering events for MLP students throughout semester time, as well as helping you to find opportunities that interest you. There are lots of different ways you can volunteer from mentoring in local schools; fundraising for local and national charities; carrying out environmental campaigns and working with vulnerable adults. The opportunities are endless!

The MLP Facebook page contains lots of MLP volunteering photos to give you a good idea of the sorts of volunteering opportunities you could be getting involved with. You can also read more about past MLP student volunteering experiences.

How can taking the MLP help boost my employability

Whilst on the MLP you will have lots of opportunities to develop the key skills that employers like to see on CV’s such as: team work; debating and influencing skills; project management; communication; and time management. Year on year the graduate job market is becoming increasingly more competitive, so taking such a unique programme can help you stand out from the other candidates.

Am I eligible to take the MLP?

Second and third year undergraduate students with a free choice option or equivalent may be eligible to take the MLP. However, some programmes are unable to take MLP or some versions. You will need to contact your school to confirm whether or not you are eligible to take it.

How do I apply?

Acceptance onto The Manchester Leadership Programme is competitive so all prospective students need to apply. You must apply by completing an online application form

How do I find out more?

To find out more visit the MLP website



Check out the new Flickr page for more photos

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