Can’t make the graduate recruitment fair? What should you do?

Gradfair logoDo not despair, if you are still looking for a graduate level job starting in summer or autumn here are a few tips:

The benefit of attending the fair is talking to the recruiters to ask questions and hopefully to make a good impression. However all is not lost if you can’t attend.

  1. Check the Graduate Fair website – the exhibitor lists are already up (there will be some last minute changes) so you can already access the vacancies they are recruiting for and make your applications.
  2. Want to chat to recruiters –  use their facebook and twitter accounts or make contact on LinkedIn.
    WARNING make sure your social media accounts are squeeky clean before doing this. You really don’t wan’t the head recruiter at PWC seeing you wearing that hilarious stag / hen do outfit!
  3. Check for employer events on CareersLink
  4. Check to see if there are any other fairs you could attend. Most are listed on the Prospects website.
  5. Consider a graduate internship  – MGIP The Manchester graduate Internship programme will be in full flow in June with lots of recruiters offering positions for 4-12 months to get you started on the job ladder.  Most of these jobs have a quick turn around so you need to be on the ball, see it, apply for it, interview for it and you could be doing it a week or two later!

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