Careers Library? – What books have you got then?

Careers Library catalogue - search resultsWe have a catalogue like any other library so you can find out what books and resources we have before you come in.

We are currently buying loads of new stock.

We have just had a big trawl through all our resources and thrown away loads of books and other materials that are out of date or are available online.

Recent purchases include:

  • Commercial awareness 2013/14
  •  The Voluntary Agencies Directory
  •  Uni in the USA – definitive UK guide to Universities in the USA
  •  The complete guide to getting a job for people with Aspergers Syndrome
  • So, you want to be a forensic psychologist
  • Becoming a psychologist
  • Teaching English Abroad
  • Working in the City – A gude to starting a successful career in the city
  • How to become a police officer
  • The london Diplomatic List- incorporating directory of international organisations
  • How to master the UKCAT
  • To become an investment banker
  • Becoming an occupational therapist Chris McKenna
  • Credit Suisse investment banking jobs Amrit Rao
  • Goldman Sachs Investment banking jobs
  • Becoming a nurse Aimee Aubeeluck
  • Know the City 2013/14
  • Telephone Interview Questions and answers
  • Becoming an accountant
  • Becoming a chiropractor

Lots of new books for media and performance related careers this time too:

  •  Contacts
  •  So you want to be a theatre producer ?
  •  So you want to be in musicals?
  •  Wildlife film-making – looking to the future
  •  Working with your voice – The career guide to becoming a professional singer
  •  The music management bible, the definitive guide to understanding music management
  • The insiders guide to getting your book published
  • So you want to work in the theatre?
  • Theatre careers handbook 2013
  • The gap year guidebook

It’s not just books!

Lots of useful guides are no longer published in print they are either PDFs or entire websites, so where we find something useful we will catalogue it so that you can find it even if there isn’t a direct link to it on our website.

Coming soon

  • some new psychometric test books
  • books on teaching interviews and getting a job.
  • A couple on finance and investment banking

We are always looking ….

We tend to buy books written for a specific country so that students and graduates can easily identify the information that applies to them.  Most of our books are published in the UK simply so that entry routes, professional standards and salaries are correct for those aiming to stay and train or get experience in the UK.

We also try to buy books that are easy to dip in and out of, good indexes and contents pages make it easier for you to find the piece of information you need quickly.

If you see something useful and we haven’t got it let us know, we can check it out and if it would benefit a good number of students then we are usually happy to purchase.

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