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Here’s a careers fact I bet some of you weren’t aware of – Most graduates actually get jobs outside of London.

Yes a lot of graduates do end up working in in the Capital  but whether you’re a recent graduate or about to graduate and move back home there will be a range of opportunities wherever you find yourself in the UK.

I had a little look on Careerslink and this is what I found (Please note that Careerslink is a live system so numbers of vacancies are subject to change) –

North West – There are 466 active vacancies listed in this region on Careerslink,  so if your thinking of  staying in here get logged in now! Our ‘Working in Manchester and the North West’ pages will give you loads more information on the industries you could get into. mep_map_3.png

North East68 jobs in the North East are being advertised on Careerslink. Out of these, opportunities business, life science and engineering seen to be the most common.

East Anglia – Careerslink is advertising total of 88 vacancies in  East Anglia. Opportunities mainly centre around engineering, business and finance but if you are thinking of further study there also seems to be are a lot of funding opportunities currently being advertised.

East Midlands 71 vacancies in the East Midlands are currently live on the site. Unsurprisingly engineering and manufacturing  are big sectors in the region as are management and sport/leisure.

West MidlandsA further 79 opportunities in the West Midlands are being advertised through Careerslink. Again a lot of engineering/manufacturing opportunities are being advertised as well as finance and transport/logistics roles.

 Yorkshire & Humber – If you’re thinking of working here Careerslink is advertising a total of 88 vacancies. Transport/logistics, engineering and surprisingly advertising and marketing make up the majority of vacancies currently being promoted.

South West 102 jobs in the South West are currently being advertised on Careerslink in a range of different sectors including information technology, advertising/marketing, leisure/sport and finance.

South East (Excluding London)Careerslink is currently advertising 149 opportunities in this region and tend to be in finance, management, engineering, science, IT and consultancy.

Northern Ireland38 jobs in Northern Ireland are currently being advertised on Careerslink and opportunities exist in engineering, transport/logistics, scientific research and finance.

Scotland – A total of 59 jobs in Scotland are currently active on Careerslink, they mainly seem to be in the transport/logistics, engineering, information technology and finance sectors.

Wales – If you’re heading to Wales have a look at the 61 vacancies in this area on Careerslink there are opportunities in information technology, transport/logistics and engineering.

If you are considering a move to London there are currently 235 active vacancies listed in Careerslink. Unsurprisingly finance, information technology, management and retail opportunities appear to be the most common.

Other universities and institutions can sometimes offer additional assistance to graduates living in certain regions of the UK in the form of internships and placements. See the ‘schemes and help nationwide’ page of this blog to find out if there is an opportunity near you.

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