“How to …” careers guides for postgraduates

guideAs postgrads, I know that you’re a pretty self-sufficient bunch. Point you in the right direction and you’re more than capable of getting to where you want to go.

That’s why I’ve created eighteen new

              “How to …” self-help careers guides

specifically targeted at postgraduates, now available on the Careers Service website*.

  • They can be used throughout your postgraduate degree – from day 1 to graduation (and after).
  • There are postgraduate-focused hints and tips on each page, with links to further resources if you want them.
  • They also help you find the other sections of the Careers Service website which might be particularly useful for postgrads.

I’ve grouped them under five headings (more on why I’ve chosen these five in a future blog post):

Explore – expand your options and stretch yourself

Connect – build and get the best from your network

Reflect – recognise your skills

Yeah I know, you’re just going to skip to the CV guide, aren’t you? But if you haven’t reflected, it’s odds on that all your hard work on making your CV look good will be wasted.

You get a real advantage in the job market if you can reflect effectively and tease out what’s important for an employer.

It’s about understanding the story you’ve got to tell, making sense of it to an employer, and pointing out why they should bother to listen to you. It’s the bit that’s missing when you send an untargeted application – and that’s the most common reason why people get rejected from jobs.

Communicate – get your message across to different audiences

Persevere – learn from setbacks and keep going

  • persevere3Recover from setbacks – postgrad study is never easy, so here are some tips on reflecting on your triumphs – and disasters, getting support from others, asking for feedback and persevering with networking

Let me know what you think of them, if there are any other topics you think would be generally useful for postgrads, and suggestions for improvements.

(*OK, these guides are new to our Careers Service postgraduate website, but if you’re a regular here, you may recognise chunks of some of them, craftily previewed on this blog!)

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