Newsgroup in Salford, new work experience scheme

file000682191954[1]The Newsgroup in Salford has now launched their new work experience scheme. Please see links to news work placements below. These will be running monthly from now on.

After this month, these specific links will no longer be valid but you can just search for the placement titles on the BBC Work Experience page and apply from there.

News Placement –,0287525413&key=73782330&c=237102213423&pagestamp=secyqbhdbiduqbrdbe

Newsround Placement –,2356468612&key=73782330&c=237102213423&pagestamp=seyxcsbjqpcnttiuik

TV Current Affairs Placement –,2358991287&key=73782330&c=237102213423&pagestamp=serksqbiednjwssyoe

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