Immediate start vacancies in Manchester

If you a graduate living in, or wanting to return to Manchester you might be interested in these immediate start vacancies currently being advertised on Careerslink. I tried to find opportunities in a range of sectors so hopefully there will be something for everyone!

  • MediaiStock_000013630859Small Hire me

Projects Assistant  £13,000 – £16,000 Careerslink ID 19875

Research Assistant  £16,000 – £18,000 Careerslink ID 19645

  • Marketing

Graduate Marketing Executive £18,000 Careerslink ID 19935

Marketing & Social Media Coordinator £20,000 Careerslink ID 19743

  • Finance

Actuarial Analyst £24,400 – £30,400 Careerslink ID 19813

  • Information Technology

Software/Database developer £22,000 – £27,500 Careerslink ID 19830

Web designer  £16,000 – £20,000 Careerslink ID 19537

  • Human Resources

Trainee Graduate Recruitment Scheme  £18,000 Careerslink ID 19882

  • Engineering

Trainee Design and Commissioning Engineers a £ 27,000 + Benefits Careerslink ID 18845

  • Health and Social Care

Registered Nurses/Support Workers  £7.00 – £8.50 per hour Careerslink ID 19348

Please note that closing dates for these immediate start opportunities vary, apply ASAP to stand the best chance of success!

All Graduate

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