The Pakistan graduate job market – how to get noticed!

Spring 2013 saw some new initiatives for Pakistani students at The University of Manchester, helping our students to better understand the Pakistan graduate job market and what it takes to get hired. If you missed their launch, this post includes a brief recap and a summary of what was presented when a master trainer specialising in the Pakistan graduate job market – Taher Hussain, came to talk to students in Manchester during March, 2013.

Recap of initiatives: What’s new?

– The new “Directory of Pakistan Graduate Employers – 2012-13” – is an excellent summary of who is hiring, how to apply, when to apply and what qualities are sought. Download now at:

The Pakistan Graduate Network  – is a new online social network for Pakistani students, alumni and prospective employers at The University of Manchester. Hosted as a “Group” on LinkedIn this network is growing fast. Similar groups for India and China have over 500 members each, so let’s grow the Pakistan one too. It’s free to join. Simply upload a profile to LinkedIn ( and request membership of the group (

Remember, though, that your profile is like your online CV – it will only work for you… if you work at it!   For tips on using LinkedIn and networking effectively online see our guides at:

Access the Network directly at:

–  “The Pakistan graduate job market – who is hiring and how to make the right impression” Last, but not least, this recent workshop held in March, 2013 provided an excellent insight into graduate employer mindset in Pakistan. Packed with useful tips, strategies and insights, this session was well received by those students who got involved. Missed the session?  Here is a summary of some of the main points: “The Pakistan Graduate Job Market 2013 – How to make the right impression”  Pakistan Job Mkt Workshop

Also available:

… Don’t forget our Pakistan country webpages too.  These pages include a link through to Going Global – which is an online database of country insights, country employer directories and jobs/internships too. Going Global has all of these for Pakistan. Access is through Careerslink so you can be automatically logged in.  Our Pakistan country pages also provide a summary of those organisations who attended the Pakistan Graduate Fair at The University of Manchester in 2012.


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