Do you want to be a “purple person” on campus?

With so many ways to gain work experience and develop your skills at University, it can be difficult to know what to go for. One option that is undoubtedly popular amongst international students, however is the “Purple Person” option. These paid opportunities are an excellent way to develop your own skills and experience and are a way to give something back and share your experiences with next year’s incoming international students. The University are now taking applications for Purple People to start in September. Whether you are a current masters student who will be coming to the end of their studies, or a current undergraduate who will still be here next year, the University are keen to hear from you. With over 100 opportunities available, it’s an ideal way to get involved, but take care to put in a quality application paying attention to detail – these purple folk are quite popular …

For more information see the following pdf advert with further details on, and the closing date to apply is 29th March, 2013 Welcome_

Purple People Sept 2013 advert

Is being a purple person for you?

Here’s an insight from the Orientation team at the University:

“Think back to your first week at university…… The day that you collected keys for a room decidedly less airy than it appeared in the accommodation guide, the day you had to take a few deep breaths before striking up conversation with a neighbour in your first lecture, and the day you frantically signed up to the mailing list of every single university society, which to this day you may still be regretting. It’s unlikely that you’d ever experienced a strange blend of nervousness and excitement quite like it, and to be honest it’s unlikely you’ll ever experience it again.

Now think back to what helped you overcome those nerves and gave you the confidence to explore the University, the city and the wealth of opportunities that life as a student in Manchester offers you. It probably wasn’t anything grand like a welcome lecture from your head of school, or anything functional like an introduction to Blackboard. In fact, it was probably something very simple indeed: a ‘Hi, how’s it going? Nice to meet you’ from someone who knew exactly what you were going through.

When you’re in a strange environment, especially one as big and sprawling (and let’s face it, grey and drizzly) as Manchester, there’s nothing more welcoming than a fellow student with a smile on their face willing to answer your questions and give you a bit of practical advice. It really, really makes a difference.

So why not be part of this difference? The University employs students year round to act as ambassadors for a whole variety of events and occasions from Open Days, to events for local schoolchildren, to campus tours for visiting students and parents to careers fairs, alumni calling and much more in between. All these opportunities are paid, most are enjoyable and all look great on your cv – find out more from the Careers Service website.

The Orientation and Welcome Team is currently looking to employ around 150 students to help offer September’s new students the type of welcome celebration we feel they deserve. There is a wide array of jobs on offer running from early September through to the end of the Welcome period, all paid at a standard rate of £6.81. So if you think you could be the beaming smile on arrival at Manchester Airport, the calm, reassuring presence on a halls helpdesk, the brave soul battling the elements to deliver an engaging campus tour, or if you’d just like to give students like you the best possible start to their Manchester career, please fill in the application form linked from the pdf above. We very much look forward to hearing from you”.

2 responses to “Do you want to be a “purple person” on campus?”

  1. Hi there, i know the deadline has already passed, but is there still any chance of becoming a student ambassador for welcome week 2013/2014?

    1. Amanda (International) Avatar
      Amanda (International)

      I think the selection process is already underway, but if you contact the orientation team directly, you may be okay? Afraid, it is not being organised throught he Careers Service so I cannot tell you any more.

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