Could you make a career of “public engagement”?

If you’re passionate about communicating to the public, whether that’s about your academic subject or you just want to tell the world what you think, could you make a career of it?

Our Insight into Broadcasting and Journalism course is your chance to test yourself and figure out if you could really make it as a broadcast or journalism professional.

  • Monday 25th March 2013 which
  • Costs £15, which includes catering and access to professional equipment and advice
  • More details and application form here.

We only run this once a year and it’s your chance to work with professionals from the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent (and more) to produce some real news content within tight timescales. Can’t say who’ll be there this year but in previous years, broadcasting legends have been spotted … (for 6Music and NW Tonight devotees, Mr “The Chain” Burns himself, no less).

If you want to be inspired and convinced that postgrads really can make it in the world of broadcasting, here’s a great short video of a former PhD biomedical scientist who loves her job as a radio producer:

3 responses to “Could you make a career of “public engagement”?”

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    For people interested in a career in public engagement (PE) or science communication, the JISCMail PSCI-COM email list has is a good one to sign up to. As well as publicising PE opportunities, there are lots of job adverts posted on there. See to sign up.

    1. Elizabeth (Postgrad blog) Avatar
      Elizabeth (Postgrad blog)

      Thanks Emma

      I didn’t know that the psci-com mailing list was still active, after the psci-com website stopped being updated with the closure of Intute back in 2010 (used to be one of the best web resources for science communication). I’ll add it to the list of resources to suggest to potential science communicators.


  2. Yes, it’s very active! I’d advise researchers to sign up to a daily/weekly digest. There are so many posts on there it would get overwhelming if you received notifications for each one!

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