Thinking of working overseas when you graduate? Canadian visas out today!

If you are considering working internationally at all when you graduate, you may be interested to know that Canada’s International Experience initiative – involving the allocation of working holiday style visas has another quota of visas released today!  (25th February, 2013). This visa is only open to British and Irish passport holders, however.

At my “Getting Started for Working Abroad” session today I mentioned a recent e-shot I received about the visas. Apparently, these visas are popular (with the last release of 1000 visas being snapped up in 15 minutes). Nearly as popular as a ticket to see “One Direction”  in a room full of teenagers.

Here’s what I received:

“Canada work visas in short supplyCanada

As you may know Canadian Immigration has an annual quota of working holiday style visas under the International Experience Canada initiative and this year interest in the programme has far exceeded anyone’s expectations.

The online visas are being released in three batches. The first 1,000 visa places were released on 14th February and filled within 3 hours of opening. A further 2,000 visa places will open on 25th February and a final 2,350 places are released on 7th March 2013. If any of your students are considering working in Canada this year, either as part of their studies or post college/university, then they are advised to make plans now. More information and useful links here:

International Experience Canada visa information  at

Working Holiday Store:

This e-shot came from The Working Holiday Store,” an independent company that provides free,  web based information to students and young people embarking on a working holiday or gap year abroad at:  which looks quite useful for planning suggestions when you are organising an international experience yourself.

If you missed the session today:…. Copies of the slides are going online on our Guides and Handouts pages for “Talks Handouts” in the coming day or so.

However, as the session was popular, we will also look to re-run the session in the coming few weeks too.


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