Do you know a great volunteer?

volunteeroftheyearOur University of Manchester “Volunteer of the Year” programme recognises staff, students and alumni who make a real difference with their volunteering activities.

Volunteering can take place in Manchester or anywhere else in the world, and previous winners and commended volunteers have been undergrads, masters and doctoral researchers. You can nominate yourself, or you can nominate someone you know – someone you admire for the energy and enthusiasm with which they volunteer.

The nomination process just involves filling in an online survey form, and nominations must be in by Friday 8th March. If you’ve had a look at it before and been a bit put off by not knowing what’s required, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve now got some instructions giving details of the information you’ll need to gather before you fill in the nomination:

  • Contact details for the nominee;
  • What School they are/were in, or their job within the University;
  • Information on what their volunteering role is;
  • Information on how their volunteering has benefitted others;
  • Names and contact details for two referees who are familiar with the individual’s volunteering.

If you don’t have all the contact details, just write “Don’t know”. However please be aware that we will need at least an email address for the individual so that we can get in touch with them.

So, if you’d love to see your nominee get one of these:


fill in that form before 8th March.


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