Skype interviews – how to look good

Ever seen yourself in your webcam and wondered if you should really be auditioning for a Hallowe’en horror movie? If you’ve got a video interview coming up, that’s a look you want to avoid …

This short, to the point, video shows you how to position yourself, your webcam and your lighting to give yourself your best shot at looking fabulous.

Interestingly, this recommendation came from the LinkedIn group for the Association of Graduate Recruiters. Looks like your interviewers are just as worried as you are about making the right impression on camera!

2 responses to “Skype interviews – how to look good”

  1. This is also a useful video for preparing for Skype interviews:,32068,46937715001_1933401,00.html

    1. Elizabeth (Postgrad blog) Avatar
      Elizabeth (Postgrad blog)

      Thanks Caroline. There must be lots of good resources out there for Skype interviews now. Maybe we should compile a list?

      I particularly like the one I posted on the blog because it’s short, focused, useful – and I think I could happily listen to Matthew Rolston’s voice all day!


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