Researching employers and careers outside Manchester

Left Manchester for pastures new?

The latest post in our series on researching careers in honour of National Libraries Day!  This builds on the advice in Sarah’s post about researching employers.

If you have moved away from Manchester you may find that the Careers Service only advertises a limited selection of vacancies on CareersLink in your area.  We have fantastic links with big employers operating nationally and also small and medium sized local businesses, but we do not have as many close contacts with small businesses in other UK regions. But as always we can offer advice and suggestions of how you can identify opportunities.

Some resources to try:

  • Local press – most of us get free newspapers posted through our door, but have you looked to see if they advertise jobs? You may be surprised at the gems that can sometimes be found in even the tiniest paper. Take a more systematic approach and search the Newspaper Society to find out which papers cover your area.
  • Chambers of Commerce – Search the members of your local Chamber of Commerce. This is a great way of identifying small local businesses.
  • Local library – Many larger branches have specialist business libraries. Ask the librarian for suggestions of resources you could use, often they will have searchable directories of local companies. For instance, if you are proficient in a language see if you can search for companies that have links with a particular country, they will be most interested in your skills.
  • Friends and family – Tell everyone you know what you are interested in, you never know who will hear about a possible job or mention you to a possible employer! Advice about networking.

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