Introduction to Advertising – A Review

We had a fantastic Introduction to Advertising presentation last week by Vicky and Jay from Ogilvy. Both are recent graduates and their perspective on applications, getting started and tips for success were invaluable. If you attended we hope you found it as interesting as we did. I was planning to write a brief blog post to summarise some key points but Catherine, a current 3rd year student and Media Club regular has done a better job than I could! You can read Catherine’s post here

You can also take a look at Sophie’s recent post on her views as a recent graduate wanting to get started in advertising and marketing. Find Sophie’s blog post here.

Finally, Vicky and Jay left us a really useful list of books, blogs, articles and other resources that will make interesting reading for anyone exploring advertising and marketing as a career option. You can find this list in the Careers Resource Centre (Ground floor, Crawford House) in the ‘Advertising, Marketing and PR’ section (alongside Campaign as mentioned in Catherine’s blog)

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