Intelligent persistence in job seeking

The keys of successIf at first you don’t succeed…try, try again, goes the old saying. 

Perseverance is definitely an asset when it comes to looking for work, but blindly doing the same old thing is both soul-destroying and pointless.

Some of you may have been applying for graduate jobs, internships and work experience for some time now.  Let’s take a few minutes just to review your progress…

You have had some interviews or assessment centres but so far not been successful.
It’s disappointing but you are on the right track, your applications must be good and on paper you have the skills they are looking for.  You can’t get every job, sometimes other people perform better on the day – don’t take it too personally.

BUT always review your performance,

  • What  could you have done differently?
  • Were you sufficiently prepared?
  • How did you feel you got on with other candidates or the interviewer? If you can say you were brilliant and everyone else was rubbish then you may have misinterpreted what the organisation was looking for.

Made loads of applications but not been invited to interview? There are a lot of things to get right at this stage so let’s use a check list, no point making the same mistakes over again!

  1. Have you clearly identified the career or role you are interested in? If you are applying for law, and accountancy and marketing and HR ,and retail then it sounds like you may be unclear about exactly what you are looking for in a job. It is unlikely you will have the time to research all these areas thoroughly so I’m predicting your applications may appear a little lacking in motivation and insight. It’s probably time to book a guidance appointment to help you focus on which career would suit you best.
  2. So you are clear about the career you are interested in but how much do you really know about the roles and the different employers?  Employers can spot an under researched or last-minute application a mile away.  You must be able to clearly identify what differentiates employers and able to articulate your knowledge of the role and the sector. Go to employer events & research the companies.  (Speak to the information team for advice on what to research)
  3. Have you articulated and evidenced the right skills?  Not just the skills you think you have but the skills the employer needs. Get advice on your next application.
  4. Spelling, grammar and presentation.  Was  your application error free?  Was it clear, presentable, and in the right style.  No 6 page CVs on floral background please! Check our guides.

Started thinking about your options, made a few applications and gave up? 

It’s pretty easy to get demotivated and put things off till later. After all you don’t graduate till June.

It’s a dangerous game to play. June comes around and you still have no idea what you want to do, graduate schemes are closing, and you end up putting it all off till next year.

It’s important to put some time aside to think about what is important to you and what jobs might suit you. Less than 20% of students actually join “Graduate Schemes” there are lots of other options!  If in doubt book a guidance appointment to start working out how you are going to start making decisions on your future.

Not sure where to look for jobs ask the information team for help or check out our website.

One response to “Intelligent persistence in job seeking”

  1. I would suggest you go back to your CV and look at the kind of phrasing you’ve used. If, in the previous experience you’ve just written a job description (eg, responsible for photocopying) it isn’t going to excite an employer. Try to include something you can quantify, such as helping to reduce waste in the office by 10 per cent by introducing a recycling scheme.

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