BBC School Report – Work Experience Opportunity

bbc school reportBBC News School Report is an RTS award-winning journalism initiative which sees 11 to 16-year-old students make reports for a real audience about the stories that matter to them. The project culminates in an annual News Day on Thursday 21 March 2013 when all participating schools turn their classrooms into newsrooms and work to a 2pm deadline to complete their video, audio and written reports and publish them on their school websites, to which the BBC link. In addition, national, regional and local BBC programmes and services feature School Reporters and their work across every BBC platform. In 2013, more than 800 schools across the UK will be making and broadcasting news as part of the project.

The School Report team are looking for a student with journalism experience and an interest in event management to join the team for the two weeks prior to – and on – School Report News Day on Thursday 21 March. This is a fantastic opportunity to practise and hone your newsgathering skills and gain experience of working to a real news broadcast deadline. We’re looking for applicants with good people and planning skills and preferably experience of working with children.
Creative Challenge
Imagine your local secondary school will be taking part in School Report News Day.
1) Write a treatment for a story you think the students would be interested in covering, that would appeal to them and the local community [200 word limit].

2) Plan an event to help a local school share and celebrate this story and others in their local area. Think about what you’d do; where you’d host the event (in or out of school), who you’d invite, how they would be involved and how it would make a lasting impact [500 word limit].

3) Tell us a little bit about yourself – what your background and passions are, what you’re studying, what your skills and strengths are (TV/radio editing, web/interactive skills, event organising for example) and why you’re applying for this opportunity (250 word limit).

In addition to the two-week placement on the School Report team, we also have a number of opportunities for talented students to volunteer on News Day itself, so please get creative and get those submissions in!

The deadline for the creative challenge is Wednesday 13th February 2013 and you need to send yours to
Placement Details
Dates for placement: 11 to 22 March 2013

One response to “BBC School Report – Work Experience Opportunity”

  1. Its fantastic that opportunities like this come up for young people, a huge motivating factor in times of recession and lower future job prospects. Good luck everyone!

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