Help I graduated over 3 years ago!

If you’re a graduate ofiStock_000003861564Medium Time panic the University of Manchester the Careers Service is here to help you offering full services for 3 years after you graduate. Check out or eligibility page for more details. However don’t panic if you’re past your 3 year limit, there are other sources of help and actions you can take.

Careers Service website

Regardless of when you graduated you can access the information and advice on the careers service website. The site includes –

Most of the website is targeted towards students and more recent graduates however if you have been working for a number of years before or after your graduation resources such as CV’s and applications for experienced hire

National Careers Service

The National Careers Service can provide you with information, advice and guidance regardless of your age, where you studied or what qualifications you have. The website has lots of useful information including job profiles and advice on further study and it is possible to book an appointment with a trained careers advisor via email, phone or in person.

Searching for vacancies

Lots of job vacancies sites exist some good, some really bad! Prospects and Target Jobs are good general sites covering a lot of sectors. If you’re looking for work in universities either academic or support staff roles is the place to look (that’s where I found out about the job I have now!) A number of other sector specific job sites exist; have a look at our sector pages for links to some of them.

Avoid sites where you simply upload your CV for employers to look at. For a start there  is no such thing as a general CV, the best way for employment success is to tailor every application you make – sites like this don’t enable you to do that. More worryingly any employer legitimate or not will be able to access personal information on your CV and the careers service has seen many examples of scam jobs trying to take advantage of students and graduates desperate to get on the employment ladder. If you have any concerns about a particular job look at out our advice on scam jobs.

Social Media

You can keep touch with the careers service on social media, not only do we have this blog but also a range of  twitter feeds and facebook groups where we aim to provide relevant advice and highlight interesting opportunities. I would also recommend that you follow employers on twitter and facebook to be the first to hear about vacancies or events coming up.


You can harness the power of social media yourself to network and enable employers to learn more about you and the skills you have. Using LinkedIn is a great way to do this. For more information on using social media to network have a look at this blog post I wrote back in November.

Other resources

Lots of you might have settled in Manchester after your graduation. If you have and are looking for guidance in the area you might want to look at other providers of careers advice in Manchester.

However If you are now living away from Manchester other universities and institutions around the UK can sometimes offer extra assistance to graduates regardless of where you have studied. Check out the range of opportunities which you might be eligible to get involved in.

2 responses to “Help I graduated over 3 years ago!”

  1. It might be wise to mention that the eligibility is being reduced from 3 years to 2 years for degrees completed 2013 or later.

    1. Natasha (Graduate Blog) Avatar
      Natasha (Graduate Blog)

      Thanks for you comment Louise

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