A New Year’s resolution that will last a lifetime

Still thinking about your New Year resolutions?  One that probably wouldn’t go amiss for many of us is improving our spelling and grammar.  It’s easy to get into bad habits through texting or quick messages on Facebook, but difficult to shake them off.  Not something you reckon isMake things happen an issue?  Sadly, recruiters don’t agree with you.  They look for reasons to place applications on a ‘No’ pile and poor spelling and grammar is one of them.  Maybe you’re thinking you can get round the problem by using a spell check?  The trouble is spell checks are far from perfect and can come up with some weird word replacements and grammar advice that leave your otherwise well written prose looking decidedly odd.    So, why not work on improving your writing skills and enjoy the lifetime benefits?  Something that will get you started is some excellent guidance on UCLAN’s journalism site http://www.uclan.ac.uk/schools/journalism_media_communication/journalism/get_it_right.php  It addresses the most common errors that careers advisors see time and again in application forms, CVs and covering letters.  It will probably take 10 minutes of your time to read but could make all the difference.  If you discover your spelling and grammar is spot on, lucky you!  However, it could be the best investment of time you’ve made in a long while.  Give it a go…

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