Want to set up your own not-for-profit?

seedsSarah has just published an excellent guest post on working for a not-for-profit – recommended reading, particularly if you’ve got that “there must be more to a job than earning more money for some big fat cat” New Year feeling.

As Amanda, who works for Didsbury Dinners, points out in her guest post, getting funding isn’t always the biggest problem, but you do need real passion, a determination to make something happen, and great contacts.

If you’re a current PhD and want to tentatively explore what it would take to set up your own social enterprise, you’ve got until Sunday 6th January (yes, that soon!) to apply for a place on our Socially Innovative Researcher Grad School.

This is a 3 day residential course, at Chancellors, for PhDs which will give you the chance to work with other PhDs, experts in not-for-profits and “interested amateurs” (ie people like me, who are acting as facilitators) to find out how it’s done, work with others with similar passions and see if there’s mileage in setting something up to fix whatever social issues you think need sorting.

It’s free for University of Manchester participants (PhDs at other universities may be able to get their own institutions to pay for a place), and runs from Tuesday 15th January to Thursday 17th January, with a follow-up day on Monday 18th March.

See some of you there.

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