Graduate schemes not for you? Looking for something different?

job directionThose of you looking at internships and graduate schemes last semester will have noticed that there were a lot of big names recruiting. Some of you may have found this off-putting.

Big corporates and “graduate schemes” are not for everyone. In fact most people wont join a graduate scheme, they will find other entry routes into their first job after graduation and probably wont be working for one of the large companies that you see all over campus.

Large organisations who recruit hundreds of graduates need to start their recruitment processes really early, some even start in summer.  It’s simply a matter of processing all those applications and getting people through the interview and selection process in a timely manner so that the organisation can put its business processes in place for the year ahead.

Smaller organisations or those with smaller entry numbers often recruit later, or as and when the need occurs, so if you haven’t found a graduate job or internship for next year do not despair.

As a bit of a contrast this semester we will be taking a look at some of the options in the not for profit and public sector, as well as some of the other careers where a graduate scheme is not necessarily the route in.

We will also be reminding you about options like:

  • MGIP ( Manchester Graduate Internship Programe) 2013 entry opens end of January.
  • Getting work experience through volunteering and internships.  Including the Volunteer for Your Career event 11-15 Feb. (More details coming soon)
  • Events for budding entrepreneurs and those wanting to start their own business.

Plus much more….

Next up, the first of our blogs about working in the not for profit sector.

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