Paid Media Internship Opportunities

radio1For those of you looking for work experience and internships in media, you’ll know that paid opportunities can be difficult to find.  So, to roll out an old cliche, you wait ages for one and then three come along at once!

Working Title ACTION! Programme

If you want to get into a career in films, this 12 month paid internship is for you! Working Title are the production company behind Shaun of the Dead, Billy Elliott, Four Weddings and Funeral and this year’s film adaptation of Les Mis! If you can demonstrate the ambition and drive necessary to make the most of this unique opportunity, show excellent verbal and written communication skills and possess a passion for the development and production of films, Working Title want to hear from you.   Closing date for applications is 18th February 2013.

Channel 4 Continuity Intern

You know those TV voice-overs that tell you what’s coming next as you flip between channels? Well now Channel 4 want to add a brand new voice to their channel portfolio. More than a voice in fact – you’ll be writing as well as reading insightful, distinctive and on-brand continuity scripts for both live and pre-recorded delivery to a variety of audiences on and off air.  Continuity is a career in itself. If you’re looking for a step to TV stardom, this is not it. But it is a great move if you love living on the edge, and staying quietly confident when everything’s screaming urgent. You’ll need a voice that’s distinctive, appeals to all audiences, and never betrays the pressure that might be going on around you. And you must be able to talk, tweet and blog with equal fluency.  This 12 month, paid opportunity will be great experience. Closing date for applications is 31st January.

Channel 4 Music Team Intern

The Music Team within Box TV is responsible for the video output, music features, music programming and daily scheduling of all 7 music channels within the Box TV family using the 4Music, Kiss, Magic, Kerrang, Q, Smash Hits & Box brands.  As a Junior Music Programmer you will provide administration and editorial support to the music team.  Duties will include maintaining key process documents and scheduling music for designated music channels but also have the chance to flex your creative muscle contributing fantastic, thought provoking and innovative ideas.  Applications for this role are only open for a very short time and the closing date is 6th January so get thinking about that application now!

So, three great looking, paid media opportunities.  Consider it a little gift from Media Club.  Happy Christmas!presents

2 responses to “Paid Media Internship Opportunities”

  1. Are these programmes available for international students? Do they got a visa supply?

    1. Natalie W (Careers Service) Avatar
      Natalie W (Careers Service)

      These schemes should be open to anyone who meets the criteria to apply (check eligibility criteria on the links provided) In addition to this, if you are not an EU/UK citizen, you would need appropriate permission to work and reside in the UK.
      You will need to check with the scheme providers as to whether or not they sponsor international applicants. The Working Title opportunity doesn’t pay a sufficient salary to be eligible to apply for a visa but the Channel 4 roles might do (you will need to confirm this with UKBA and Channel 4)

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