Spot the historical scientist!

For all you historians, or scientists, or just smart postgrads with a good grounding in general knowledge, what do you know about the life and careers of famous historical scientists?

Chay Hawes, a freelance illustrator based in Chester, has put a gorgeous illustration of 16 scientists on his website as a Christmas quiz. I tweeted it yesterday, but for those who “don’t do Twitter”, here’s an extract from the quiz – for all 16 scientists, click on the image to take you to the quiz.


How many did you get?

I’ll admit I only got 8.5 of the 16, and only 2 of the above selection (nos. 3 and 4). Should have got 5, if I’d spotted his nose (clue there), but wouldn’t have got no. 6 as she’s not in contemporary clothing (look at her belt though), and no, Eurocentric scientist that I am, I’d never heard of no. 7, but I’m glad I have now (incredible scientist and another gap in my education plugged).

If all that’s too easy for you, could be you’re ready for the big challenge – Only Connect are looking for teams of contestants for next year.

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