Once you press send you can’t take it back!

There have been a few enquiries lately about what to do if you realise if you have made a mistake on an application AFTER you have sent it.

Whether it’s in the post, in an email or via a website, once you have submitted the final version of your application there is no going back.

What can you do?

  • Well, if you posted it you could try sending a corrected copy with a note apologising for your error. However, this really underlines the mistake you made, but on the plus side you realised your mistake and tried to put it right. They may not accept it of course.
  • If you emailed – you could do the same.
  • If you submitted an online form – you have a real problem.  Once you can no longer edit your application you may not be able to do anything more.  You could ring the company and ask to edit your application or submit a new one, but I would think your chances are pretty slim especially if it is after the closing date.

What will happen?

It really depends on the error.

  • A few spelling errors – some companies will overlook them, others will reject you.
  • Getting the name of the company wrong – probably an instant reject it’s just insulting!
  • Incorrect information – dates, grades etc. Could be grounds for dismissal, you would need to set them right immediately.

Common mistakes to watch out for:

  • Cut and paste errors – putting the wrong company name on your cover letter.
  • Getting the name of the person you are sending it to wrong.
  • Getting dates, grades wrong.
  • Spelling generally – typos are just unacceptable.  Spelling the company name wrong – indefensible!
  • Sending the wrong CV or cover letter. Make sure you name your files on your PC in a really obvious manner!

It is your responsibility to check your application before you send it off.

As one recruiter said “I expect perfection as standard”

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