Law Conversion

I’ve got a confession, I know I shouldn’t but I love the American reality court show Judge Judy, it’s one of my many guilty pleasures. I’m aware that it bears no relation to the legal sector in anyway and I recommend that if you are considering converting to a career in law that you don’t watch day time TV for advice but instead use the resources and events listed below to explore the options open to you and find out what’s its really like working in this sector.

The Legal Sector

The law sector encompasses a range of services for people in need of legal assistance. There are a variety of roles available in the legal sector. The most popular being solicitor and barrister but other opportunities exist including chartered legal executive, Paralegal and many others. Opportunities are available in private practice, the public sector and increasingly in house.

For more information on the legal sector have a look at our law sector page and at the information on the Prospects website

Law conversion Courses

You don’t need an undergraduate degree in law to practice law. Non law students will need to take a conversion course. Studying for a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) sometimes known as common professional exam (CPE) will give you the same status as a law graduate. You will then need to undertake a period of vocational training. To become solicitor the vocational training is known as the legal practice course (LPC) for would be barristers it’s the bar professional training course (BPTC).

For more information about Law Conversion and all the training you can take see this useful TARGET Jobs E-zine and read out Law for Non Law Students guide.

Law Fair

If a law conversation course is something you are considering come to our Law Fair on Tuesday 20th November 12.30pm-4pm. This fair is aimed at both law and non law students giving you a great opportunity to discuss training opportunities, and vocational courses with over 90 exhibitors including City, national and local law firms as well as course providers and professional bodies.


If you graduated from the University of Manchester within the last 3 years and are thinking about doing a Law Conversion you are eligible to have a guidance appointment with a relevant careers consultant. See our guidance page on how to book and more information about eligibility.

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