Postgraduate Study

Postgraduate study is not something you have to do immediately after your undergrad course ….

After my graduation I was tired of studying. The last thing I wanted to do was read another text book, write one more essay or spend any more time perfecting bibliographies or references. In short further study couldn’t have been further from my mind.

Fast forward two years, I’d settled in to work here at the Careers Service and I knew I wanted to develop my career in library and information work. I realised the only way to do this was to become professionally qualified, and that meant doing a master’s degree. Suddenly further study was at the forefront of my mind.

Luckily I managed to get a place on a master’s course and I’m now a happy (and slightly tired) part time postgraduate student!

Considering postgraduate study?

If postgraduate study is something you’re considering either to boost your employability or due to a personal interest in a particular area the Careers Service can help.

  • Postgraduate Study Fair – On Wednesday 21st November 10.30am-4pm we are holding a national postgraduate study fair at Manchester Central (GMEX). 90 different exhibitors including UK and some overseas universities will be promoting postgraduate courses. You will be able to find out about funding what courses are on offer, attend useful seminar sessions and even get advice on applications from our careers consultants.
  • Appointments- If you graduated from the University of Manchester in the last 3 years you are eligible to book a careers guidance appointment to discuss postgrad study and whether it is right for you.
  • Funding – the most popular postgrad related questions are about funding further study. Come into the Careers Resource Centre to access The Grants Register 2012 a complete guide to postgraduate funding worldwide, listing over 4,200 awards.  You can also pick up take away copies of Prospects Postgraduate Funding Guide.
  • Considering Academia? –  Is postgraduate study a springboard for a career in academia? Use our Times Higher Award winning website An Academic Career to find out more about becoming an academic and what the job is really like.
  • Postgraduate Open Day Although not not directly run by the Careers Service I just wanted to highlight  that The University of Manchester Postgradute study open day is being held on 28th November 10am-4.30pm. If your considering coming to (or back!) to the University this is a excelent chance to explore the different subjects you can study. Click the links to find our more about the taught courses and research opportunities avaliable.

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