Are there any international mentors available?

The closing date for applying for a career mentor through the Manchester Gold programme is this Wednesday, 31st October, 2012. Our international students are welcome to apply to be matched with any of our mentors, but some of you may be wondering about mentors from your own country, or within another country. This year we have 34 mentors who are our international alumni based internationally across India, Pakistan, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Nigeria. You can see the listing on the attached pdf document:

International Mentoring List 2012

Applying to Manchester Gold

On the Manchester Gold programme you will be matched on a 1 to 1 basis with a mentor who can provide advice, support and guidance about your career options and next steps. It’s one of the most effective ways to improve your employability and make the right decisions about your future. To apply,  all you need to do is log on to CareersLink and go to My Account > My Profile and under the ‘Miscellaneous Information’ complete:

Select the Autumn Programme option

Complete the question ‘What is your motivation for joining the mentoring scheme?’

Choose a specific strand of mentoring, if appropriate

Full details of how to apply and a list of mentors are available at:
Any others options?

If you are not successful obtaining a mentor, there are other options too. You can create your own connections elsewhere (through meeting individuals at events / through personal contacts or through professional bodies or student societies) and utilise their expertise and advice in the same way. Similarly, you can use our Mentor Q&A resource – another 600 people who are happy to be emailed questions outside of the Manchester Gold programme. For more details see:

Any more suggestions…. yes! You can always start online and connect to other individuals through professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. Once you have a connection online, this may develop into something approaching a mentoring relationships… its the same process, its just that with Manchester Gold, we are facilitating the first step.
To explore more about social and professional networks, and how these may work for you, take a look at:


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Amanda Conway is the Head of International Career Development at The University of Manchester. Amanda has been a career consultant at the University for over 15 years and also has a background in retail management and HR, psychometric testing and personality profiling.

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