Introduction to Twitter – a recommendation

If you’re starting to wonder if all this Twitter stuff might be worth investigating, I’ve just picked up a recommendation of an excellent blog post explaining it all. It’s from the point of view someone more interested in keeping up with academic research and others working in their field, than celebs or blow-by-blow accounts of someone’s eating habits.

Although it’s over a year old, I’d still recommend reading this post from Dorothy Bishop, Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology at Oxford (Twitter account: @deevybee) before dismissing Twitter out of hand:

BishopBlog: A gentle introduction to Twitter for the apprehensive academic

How did I find this blog post? On Twitter, of course – via @AtheneDonald (Professor of Physics at Cambridge), who I follow, who re-tweeted an update by @JennyAKoenig (Science education and communication consultant)


UPDATE, 29/10/12:

Another example from @AtheneDonald – how she was invited to contribute a news article to Nature, through her Twitter interactions:

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