Why isn’t there a humanities careers fair?

The answer is… actually there is!

First let’s establish some facts, there is no typical humanities student!

Archaeology, Languages, Planning, Economics, Finance, Philosophy, Drama, Law to name but a few subjects. That’s a pretty good mixture and you don’t all want to do the same things.

We see humanities students interested in finance, management, HR, PR, advertising, marketing, law, international development, public sector and charities, the media, planning consultancy, renewable energy, medicine, starting your own business, translation, museums and gallery work and the list goes on. The career options open to humanities students are endless!

Now I’m not saying any one fair will cover ALL of those areas, it wont! That’s because many of the recruiters in those sectors will not have big graduate schemes and therefore they don’t need to attend fairs.

Don’t rule fairs out whatever they are called!

At the Science and Engineering Fair for example – there were recruiters looking for students from any discipline, and specific disciplines, including geography for example. There were sales and marketing schemes available and general management schemes which often include marketing & HR.   At the Finance, Business & Management Fair, yes there were finance roles available but loads of those general and specific management graduate schemes too.

Remember MOST business have an HR function and they market their products and services. Retailers probably have buying and supply chain functions,  most of these functions are open to graduates of any discipline, so even if it’s not obvious ASK!

  • If you want to check out the exhibitors at the fairs and find out what they were recruiting for select the fair and click on the exhibitor A-Z.

Wait there’s more!

  • We also run bespoke events in many schools, these often take the form of mini fairs, panel events or networking sessions e.g. the languages event this week, fashion & textiles event next week, there are also environment events and yes humanities events! and many more – ask in your school about what events we run for them.
  • One off events – usually open to all students like our media club events, we have also run  international development events,  creative industries events and many more. These are all advertised in Careerslink

Still more…

Trade / industry fairs/ conferences – Some of these we hear about and will advertise to you either in Careerslink or via the relevant Facebook groups or Twitter. But it is really worthwhile keeping in touch with relevant professional bodies – check their websites, read their journals, or even get a student membership.  Some of these events are very much for industry professionals but often there are exhibitions or seminars that are open to you.  It looks great on your CV to say you have attended these, AND it will give you really valuable commercial experience.

  • There are lots of conference venues, but the events for the Manchester Central Conference Centre are listed here

Networking Use the events above as an opportunity to make contacts and gather insider intel about where the jobs are and what the industry trends are.  But also check out actual networking events and socials.  Many professional bodies run these regionally and some have a young members group, for those just joining the profession.  So get your LinkedIn profile brushed up!

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