Recruitment fairs targeting international students – Global Career Company

There are an increasing number of agencies now setting up to help international students in the UK to explore and apply for graduate opportunities back in their home countries. One organisation that has worked with The University of Manchester for a number of years is The Global Career Company (GCC) – 

GCC organises a number of recruitment fairs in key cities across Europe and beyond (including London in the UK) hosting international employers. These include “Careers in Africa”; “Careers in Asia”, “Careers in the Middle East & North Africa” and “Careers in Central & Eastern Europe”. Anyone can apply to attend, but it is an invitation only event – so you need to be selected to go along. Final year / postgraduate students in their final year with some working experience are most likely to be selected.   (Top tip: a quality application to the same standard as a job application – really helps! ).

Coming Up – Careers in Asia.  (closing date – 31st October, 2012)

The closing date to apply for the Careers in Asia event (and meet leading firms from across Asia) is 31st October, 2012.  The event is later on (February, 2013) but as companies get involved in selecting applicants, it can take a while.

Meet Global Career Company – Wed. 31st October, 2012

Global career company will be attending the International Recruiters event on 31st October as part of international students careers week. If you would like to meet the team (hiring for all of the Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe events) this event is a good opportunity. You can find out more about what makes a good application and which employers will be attending. To find out more about the event, and how to sign up, see

…. and finally, if you want to explore some more agencies, keep an eye on this blog and the Facebook careers group for international students, Careerslink and the internatinal jobs pages of our international students micro-site:

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Amanda Conway is the Head of International Career Development at The University of Manchester. Amanda has been a career consultant at the University for over 15 years and also has a background in retail management and HR, psychometric testing and personality profiling.

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