Tailoring your CV

This next statement comes with a health warning especially for those with heart problems or those of a nervous disposition.

There is no such thing as a general CV.

OK, take a seat and a deep breath, tailoring your CV to every job you apply for really isn’t that scary. Although tailoring your CV for every job you apply  for means extra work for you it really is the best way to turn applications into interviews and ultimately into jobs!

Follow these steps you’ll soon get the hang of it –

  • Firstly look at our CV from scratch guide to ensure that the structure and general content of your CV is accurate.
  • Next find a job that you want to apply for. Check out Careerslink for all the current vacancies we know about. If you interested in applying for graduate schemes pick up copies of this year’s graduate directories, these include Times Top 100, GET directory, Guardian 300 and Prospects directory.  Employer websites are also a great place to look for vacancies.
  • Now look at the job description carefully to find to out what the employer is really looking for. A job description will outline –
    • The type of person sought
    • Key skills required
    • Experience required
    • Description of work activities

Write a list of examples of times when you can demonstrate that you are right for the role, able to carry out the work and have the relevant skills and experience. Your examples can come from University work, part-time employment, volunteering or clubs and societies you belong to.

  • Now you are ready to write your CV highlighting all the relevent examples you have. Check the CV guide again to help you.
  • If you graduated from the University of Manchester in the last 3 years you are eligible to get feedback on a CV using our Quick Query Service.

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