International Students Careers Week – now open for signups

Reading week (29th October – 2nd November this year) is international students careers week at The University of Manchester. Log into Careerslink (our database of the latest jobs and events coming up) and you will see the full programme. From this week you can also now  sign up for a place at all events listed. It’s always popular, with over 600 students getting involved last year and we hope you will get involved this year too.

What’s on? ( a few examples)

Making a positive impact when job hunting? – this is a great session if you are quite new to the job hunting process, maybe lack confidence or just want to know how to make a positive impression through the selection process.

Working in the UK – work visa regulations – find out about the Tier 2 visa process in more detail from an immigration specialist. What do you have to do, when does it need to be in place? A great opportunity for free legal advice too.

International Recruiter Event – meet a range of employers hiring for overseas positions or for international posts in the UK too. With a panel of around 10 recruiters there will be the opportunity to hear them all speak, answer your questions and to talk to them individually on their stands. This is always a very popular event, but there are enough spaces for everyone so come along. Having said that though, recruiters often ask if there is enough interest for a session – so sign up to avoid it being cancelled. Recruiters are from Asia, Africa, SE Asia, and beyond. For example:

– PWC looking for China talent,

– Global Career Company host recruitment events for international students from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia & Africa

– BP are very keen to meet students from Angola, Azerbaijan, Indonesia

– Freshfields – Various including UAE, China etc

– Mandarin Consultant – recruitment firm for China & UK organisations


Getting a professional job for Chinese students with Mandarin Consultant. This recruitment firm will share their secrets to getting in with both UK and China organisations. Hear from the experts.

To see the full programme see: and sign up for session places on Careerslink. If you have not heard of careerslink before it is the Careers Service’s database of the latest jobs and events. There are job vacancies for around the globe too, so it’s not just the UK! You can access Careerslink at (log in as a student with your university username and password).



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  1. Thanks Amanda for useful & interesting information.

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