Getting started – how do I find a career?

There are a baffling array of careers and jobs out there, things you may never have heard of and things you would never consider!  So how do you choose the right one for you?

To start with let’s be clear,  the first job you do after you graduate does not have to be your career for life.  You can change direction, so this is a decision about your first step not your life.

Step 1  No clue?

Why not try Career Kickstart it’s a quick programme that will help you assess where you are up to in your career planning and suggest some next steps for you.

Step 2 What careers might suit me?

There are several programmes (you may have done something similar at college) that ask you some questions about your preferences to work out what jobs you might be suited to.

Try  Prospects planner

18,500 students used Prospects Career Planner in the last three months, the most popular jobs they downloaded more information about were….  (some interesting choices I thought.)

1. Equality and Diversity Officer

2. Management Consultant

3. Higher Education Lecturer

4. Environmental Consultant

5. Public Relations Officer

6. Educational Psychologist

7. Intelligence Analyst/Officer

8. Careers Adviser/Personal Adviser

9. Charity Fundraiser

10. International Aid/Development Worker

The Target jobs careers report is similar.

Why not see what you come up with?

Step 3 Explore your options

It can be interesting to see what graduates from your degree go on to do immeditely after they graduate. Maybe it will give you a few ideas.

Explore options with your subject: Is it vocational like engineering or does it lead to no specific career? Either way you will have gained skills during your degree, find out how you could apply them.

What sector do you want to work in? Maybe you know you want to work in science but don’t know what the options are. Or perhaps you feel the public sector is for you but are not sure how to get experience?

Step 4  Get the inside track!

Got a few ideas running around your head?  Need to talk it over?

Talk to us: It’s safe and we won’t judge your choices.

Talk to employers: Get insider intel on the careers you are considering to help you make informed decisions.

Step 5: Try it out

Make an application and give that job a go.  Hopefully you will get to try some career optons out using placements, work experience and internships. But even after you graduate if you don’t like your first job or want to change direction it’s not the end of the world, just part of the journey.

One response to “Getting started – how do I find a career?”

  1. I second Prospects – excellent advice service for graduates. I think it’s also a good idea to volunteer for a little work experience while you’re making your mind up about the careers you are thinking of doing.

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