Vacancy: Data Analyst – Help our students get jobs

Are you looking for a full-time job, right now, to work as a Data Analyst? We might just be able to help you.

I’ll admit it to anyone, I’m hooked on data. Give me some numbers & I’ll toss them around in a spreadsheet until they make a picture & tell me something interesting – but I’m just an amateur. What we really need in the Careers Service is a data professional, who can navigate their way around large databases and wrangle those stats into something meaningful.

You’d get to work with large datasets like the Destinations of Leavers of Higher Education (DLHE – we pronounce it like the Indian city), and with colleagues who regularly bake, provide birthday sweets and are prone to making music video tributes to celebrate long-service (link redacted).

On the down side, you’d also have to deal with certain people sidling up to you “just wondering” if there was any way we could work out how many of our Masters or PhDs go on to … (hint: just tell me to get back in my box and write another blog post).

It’s a fixed term post, until July 2014, with salary in the range £29,249 – £35,938 per annum and we’d like you to start as soon as possible.

Full details are here (it’s the second of the two posts – you can have a look at the first one as well, but remember, there’s no mention of cakes with that one)

You need to apply using the university’s online application process – don’t just email us your CV. You can contact Andrew Whitmore (details in the ad and the pdf) for informal discussions. We’d be very happy for you to do this but remember to have something specific to ask if you want us to remember you, in a good way. (The least impressive candidates phone up and just ask “can you tell me more about the job?” – what sort of “more” do you want to know?)

Not enough to tempt you? OK, here are some graphs showing postgraduate employability – come and show us how we can do better than this (click on an image to see the full sized graphs):

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